How Many Times can the World End

Seven dozen future dates

By Devin Trubey

December 21st, 2012 came and went and the world is still on its axis. Apparently, the GMT calculator converted the Mayan calendar incorrectly. The new end of the world date is claimed to be September 3rd, 2015. Hollywood producer Tracey Barham said, “I hope they extend it again in a few years, so we can keep the franchise going.” Barham is already pursing a copyright for a brand new film entitled 2015.


However, many countries and religions have disputed this new date. Seven dozen different dates have been proposed. The Sunni Muslims predict 2129, Orthodox Jews stands by 2240 and the Quran estimates our demise to be in the year 2280. There is some scientific evidence supporting these claims. American scientists believe that by 2016 the polar ice caps will have melted and the world will be partially flooded due to global warming. In 500,000,000 years carbon dioxide levels will drop making the earth uninhabitable by humans. Add four and a half million years to that date and survivors will witness the sun swell into a red giant and explode, encompassing the earth.

American are not the only ones who believe in the end of the world. The Dutch believe the sun will explode in 2013. Farther north in Europe, the Russians are preparing for an Ice Age in 2014. No matter people where live, what religion they follow and what scientific statistics they believe, all have come to agree that something big will happen by 2018.