Arya Sureshbabu (News Apprentice)

staff39Hi! I’m Arya, as you probably and/or hopefully guessed from the heading . My favorite historical figure is Voltaire, who is the most amazingly witty and fabulously intelligent French philosopher in the whole history of the world. You can say I’m a little obsessed with him. Just a little. My favorite words are “irk” and “rapscallion,” but “gallivanting” is a close runner-up. I watch Disney movies more devotedly (and squeal over them far more enthusiastically) than my little sister and half of the toddlers I know. I harass my friends by ranting to them about quirky history stuff, and I can’t play a musical instrument to save my life. I randomly quote John Green and Shakespeare and I love Austen and Dickens (even though I never got around to reading          the majority of their books). And apparently I’m very bubbly. Although I never really thought so. Yep. That’s about it!