Matthew Chan//Opinions Editor



Junior Matthew Chan is a published writer of The Voice, known for his work on Irvington’s STAR test mishaps alongside fellow reporter Rohit Dilip.  He is also the underweight, Asian guy that you’ll probably not notice sitting at the Opinions table.  Besides STAR testing, Matthew’s one year history with The Voice has included writing about Heartbleed, Captain America, and the woes of un-standardized grading procedures.  The things he likes best about journalism include designing layouts, breaking tables, and getting broken by Rohit.

When not writing journals, Matthew enjoys biking, competitive math, and swimming.  Learning French and playing the violin are also popular pastimes in the world of Matthew as well as programming and ripping apart people’s arguments in robotics meetings.

“You might not want to dance with Rohit,” he said, referring to the epic end-of-the-year dance-off, “if you want to keep your body intact.”