10th annual Fremont Run for Education breaks previous community support records

By Matthew Chan | Opinions Editor

Early Sunday morning on October 26, runners young and old gathered at Niles Elementary School to compete in the 10th annual Fremont Run for Education to support education in Fremont.  The adult runs started at 9am and the children’s races started at 10:30.  Over 460 participants partook in the race, raising over $27,000 in cash sponsorships for the Guy Emanuele Sports Fund, which funds athletic activities in all grade levels from elementary to high school.

With the 10th anniversary of the Fremont Run, the race also broke previous records of company sponsorships.  In addition, American High School cheerleaders performed at the race and an NBC news anchor participated as an announcer for the event.

In addition, Irvington sophomore Kaleea Parungao sang the national anthem during the event.  “I feel like I contributed to this event by making the event go smoother,” she said.  “I think if no one sang the national anthem, fewer people would have shown up and donated.”  For Parungao, the most important part of the race was that so many people showed up to support education and to perform physical exercise.

One of the hiccups in the operation occurred when Parungao had to sing through a megaphone because the event organizers were not able to relocate the microphone.  The race was also moved to Niles Elementary from after several years at Lake Elizabeth, and Azevada Elementary School won the reward grant for having the most participants.

Shrey Vasavada of Mission San Jose High School finishes first in the adult 5K race (Fremont Run for Education | https://www.facebook.com/FremontRun4Education with permission)