Girls’ Basketball faces off against Moreau


Atira Nair

Sophomore Alexis Early runs alongside a Moreau basketball player to try and intercept the ball.

Atira Nair, Staff Writer

Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball faced off against the Moreau Mariners on Tuesday, Jan. 3. The Junior Varsity Vikings lost 19-49 to the Mariners, while the Varsity team won in a 43-33 victory. While the JV team lost, both teams played hard and put forward their best effort.

The Junior Varsity game started slow for the Vikings, with a rocky 1-15 score for the first quarter. The second quarter resulted in a 3-24 ratio, with both of the points as free throw shots for the Vikings. There was a lot of support from the audience for both sides. The first half had a lot of pauses due to numerous fouls and free throws for both sides, drawing out the game.

However, by the third quarter, the game sped up as the Vikings scored 11 points and Mariners scored 42 points. Despite the good effort from the Vikings, the game ended with a 19-49 score favoring Moreau.

This lopsided score was due to the tight defense from the Mariners, which didn’t allow the Irvington team many opportunities to make baskets.

In reaction to the game, the Junior Varsity coach Ken Vez said, “One of our strong points is how our team gets along and helps each other out throughout the game. However, we need more consistent scoring.” The team plans to work on their ability to score and also hopes to have a more energetic attitude in the future.

Varsity basketball fared better, in a 10 point victory over the Mariners. The Varsity team scored the first point and ended the first quarter with a 3 point lead, of 12-9  favoring the Vikings. Throughout the first quarter, parents and JV team members on the benches cheered on the team.

In the second quarter, the Mariners played better and ended the quarter 18-16, favoring the Vikings. During the quarter, there were several clashes between team members of both sides running into each other due to the high energy on the court. The second quarter was tense, as the two teams exchanged points, gaining and losing the lead.

However, in the third quarter, the Vikings maintained a sizeable six point lead. During this quarter, Irvington’s team managed to keep a solid defense. The fourth quarter resulted in a 43-33 victory for the Vikings. Throughout the last quarter, the Vikings were playing their hardest and managed to break through the Mariner’s defenses more easily.

The audience was relatively tense and quiet in the beginning of the game. However, towards the end, parents and friends of both teams were proudly shouting encouragement and advice to the players.

“We made mistakes, but we’re a young team and we have fire,” said junior Hannah Lee, captain of the girls’ Varsity basketball team.