Irvington varsity basketball experiences loss against American

Sherin Lajevardi, Staff Writer

On January 19, 2018 Irvington’s varsity basketball team lost to American High School with a score of 55-72. The score was extremely close at halftime, 28-31, however American began taking the lead following halftime.

After the third quarter, Irvington had lost 22-10. Several players such as Kaushal Bobba (10) scored 11 points in total while Andy Zhao (12) scored 13 points along with 11 rebounds throughout the game before experiencing an injury. Additionally Braxton Carlson (11) made 12 rebounds, contributing to Irvington’s initial lead.
In the past, Irvington has beat schools such as American and Kennedy, therefore such a loss came as a surprise to the team. According to shooting guard Bhagvat Maheta (11), “ We just weren’t disciplined in that game and we should have done better” Maheta stated. “We lost focus…we allowed them into the box and let them score”.

Although Irvington started off strong, according to Jimmy Wang (11), “…we rotated on defense, which left the other team to have a wide open 3 point shot opportunity”

Additionally, Irvington faced a few obstacles as several of its players were injured as Wang stated, “Our star player Kaushal Bobba just returned from his injury, and he wasn’t able to pull off a regular 15 points”.

Ultimately, Irvington did not take advantage of American’s weakness, which is having their basket attacked at the start of the game. However, looking forward Irvington is hoping for a good season and wins from here on out.