Homemade Costumes

Felicia Mo, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, but you don’t want to buy another cliche Halloween costume. You still want to dress up though, so what do you do? Make your own food-themed costume!

Here are a couple of easy, versatile, homemade costumes that you can either wear or use to spark your creativity.

The first costume idea is Ice Cream. The materials are: khakis or brown pants or a skirt, a white shirt, different colored popsicle sticks, cardboard, red paint, scissors, paper, and glue. The khaki clothes will be the cone part of the ice cream. The white shirt will be the ice cream itself, preferably an old shirt that you don’t plan on wearing again. Take the different color popsicle sticks and glue or tape them all around the top half of the shirt, like sprinkles. Next, cut out strips of paper (or cloth) to make a headband. Draw and cut out a cherry from the cardboard and paint it red. Glue the cherry to the headband. Tada! Homemade Ice Cream Costume!

The next costume idea is Pineapple. The materials are: yellow clothing, sharpie, scissors, green paper, glue, and a headband. The yellow clothes will be the pineapple itself, so make sure to use old clothes that you don’t plan on wearing again. You can draw criss cross patterns on the clothes with the sharpie to represent the patterns on a pineapple. Fold the green paper vertically so it makes a cylinder. Secure the cylinder with tape. Cut the cylinder in half so there are two small cylinders. Cut vertically down one cylinder until you reach halfway. The strips will fan out like leaves. Bend them slightly if needed. Make another green cylinder but instead of cutting it in half, cut it at three-quarters. Cut vertically down the cylinder until you reach halfway. Slip this longer cylinder into the first cylinder so you have two layers of leaves. Do the same procedure again, except with a full length cylinder, so you have three layers of leaves. Tape or glue the leaves of your pineapple onto the headband. Tada! Homemade Pineapple!