Robin Hood Hits the Target



The remake of the original Robin Hood Movie brought in a whopping $36 million on the opening weekend.

Nikoo Alizadeh, Staff Writer

“Robin Hood” is an action-packed thriller that came out in theaters on Nov 21. The movie begins with Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton), a wealthy Englishman, being sent to war to fight against Moors. After coming back from war several years later, and recognizing the corruption of the Church, Robin and his partner John (Jamie Foxx) begin to steal from the government to give a voice to the common people of Nottingham. This remake of the original movie received a lot of criticism on social media over historical inaccuracy, confusing fighting scenes, and the storyline being far from the original story. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a measly 16%, which would make anyone wonder why the movie got such low reviews.

The rest of the  main cast consisted of Jamie Dornan playing Will and Ben Mendelsohn playing the sheriff of Nottingham. The acting of some of the characters were spectacular, while others were just about average. Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn were two of the actors that best-portrayed their character and also seemed to be the most experienced. While there wasn’t anything specifically unsatisfactory about Taron Egerton’s acting or his English accent which sparked some debate on social media, he wasn’t able to portray Robin Hood as the brave and courageous thief that most people anticipated he would be. Some experts have mentioned that Egerton was not able to master the infamous “South Yorkshire” accent, however I wasn’t able to hear or notice any difference. Overall, the cast of the movie was fairly decent and didn’t take away from movie-watching experience.

The visuals in the movie were absolutely stunning and it appeared to be as if a high portion of their $200 million budget went towards creating their set. From a high school student’s perspective, with general knowledge about the history of England, the set seemed to be historically accurate but some other details were not. While the rest of the background characters were wearing clothing that seemed to match that of early English attire, during some of scenes the main characters were wearing modern clothing which really stood out. Some of the characters that supposedly lived in the slums of England were always perfectly dressed and put together, making the movie-watchers wonder why they didn’t also have coal marked faces and dirty clothing like the other commoners. The weaponry was also quite obviously too modern for the setting of the movie and seemed to have very little effect on the people that were injured. Following the original movie, the characters were using bow and arrows however in one of the fighting scenes when Robin was shot in the heart, he pulled it out and continued as if nothing had happened. Overall, the main character seemed to have “special circumstances”, when it came to their costumes and getting hurt during the fighting scenes.

The storyline was interesting and quite easy to follow. Although action movies are not my favorite movie genre I never found myself getting bored, confused, or frightened during the fighting scenes. If you don’t pay too much attention to the historical accuracy of the story, the movie is definitely worth watching.  7.5/10.