Question Man: What has your worst holiday experience been?

The worst holiday experience would be Halloween this year, mainly because we couldn’t do anything. It was on a Saturday and it honestly could have been so much fun since we didn’t have to worry about school. Usually people are so excited for Halloween, but this time no one was in the mood for it and the excitement itself just died. 

I was driving to Nevada for a soccer tournament and it took 24 hours to get there because all roads were closed off from heavy snow, so I spent 2019 Thanksgiving in a car.

My worst experience during the holiday season was yesterday. I was at work and 4 customers in a row had something to complain about. A woman cursed at my manager and I, because we made her Peppermint Mocha hot instead of iced.

My worst holiday experience was on Black Friday about 6 years ago. I went to Walmart to shop with my dad and ended up getting separated from him and had to go to their security office.