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E-normous Efforts with E-Waste: Nithu Carthikeyan

Nithu Carthikeyan goes around the Bay Area collecting E-Waste to alleviate the issue and help the community stay clean.
Akshita Nair, Entertainment Editor February 4, 2020

Constant updating on websites, weekly visits to drop-off centers, and long drives to recycling centers are just a small part of the work that Nithu Carthikeyan (11) has done to alleviate the issue of...

Rife with Wildlife: Irvington’s Wildlife Photographer

After six hours of patient waiting, Vishal took this photo of a bobcat mother with her kittens in an abandoned building in Livermore.
Andrew Fu, Editor-in-Chief December 19, 2019

Target acquired. Click. A lone bobcat stands proud on the undulating slopes of Del Valle, looking for its morning prey. It’s been hours since an animal showed its head in the park’s barren grasslands,...

Passion to Parodies: Francesca Baradi

One of Francesca’s fans created a unique fan art for ReptileLegit, which is now her YouTube icon.
Joy Kuo, Staff Writer October 13, 2019

Many people from IHS visit YouTube every day, but Francesca Baradi (11) takes it a step further with her YouTube channel, ReptileLegit, with 393,000 subscribers, and 52,710,020 views. As a gaming enthusiast,...

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