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IHS Synapsis: Sheep Brain Dissection

Darsh Singhania (12) screen shares a detailed presentation as he shows attendees how to cut the brain with his camera angled down.
Shivangi Gupta, Entertainment Editor November 2, 2020

On Oct. 5th, IHS Synapsis, a club dedicated to expanding hands-on learning opportunities to students interested in the medical field, gave members an opportunity to dissect sheep brains virtually. Although...

Girls’ Water Polo Team Updates

Shivangi Gupta, Entertainment Editor October 8, 2020

The girls’ water polo season is temporarily on hold amidst the pandemic until district measures allow for group practices again. The tentative COVID-schedule shows that season practices and preseason...

On Tiktok Popularity: Anushka Potdar

On Tiktok Popularity: Anushka Potdar
Shivangi Gupta, Entertainment Editor September 27, 2020

“Throughout my Tiktok popularity, I’ve received both negative and super uplifting comments, which wasn’t surprising as it is, after all, another social media platform. For example, in one Tiktok...

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