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Local Man Believes Controversial Opinion to be a Good Thing

This pamphlet was found on the floor of the new building, along with many others that had been discarded by disgruntled students.
Shradha Krishnamurthy, Staff Writer November 14, 2017

Every morning, Irvington students receive neon green pamphlets as they enter the campus, passed out by senior X. He shoves them in the faces of students, preaching the values of free thought. So what...

The Myth Against Senior Spirit

The Myth Against Senior Spirit
Albert Zhu, Staff Writer October 15, 2017

Every year when spirit week rolls around, you’ll hear the whispers. The snide comments and playful jabs are everywhere, “The Class of 2018 has no school spirit!” Coming into this year’s spirit...

Sexy Pitches: Behind the Scenes

December 25, 2014

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer Sexy Pitches is a senior-only acapella group run by Uma Lakshminarayan, Shefali Mathrani, and Mariah Diaz (she helped form the group but unfortunately had to move...

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