San Mateo Tornado Warning Scares Bay Area Residents

Forecasters predict unusual weather for the Bay

On Friday, March 18 the National Weather Service issued a weather advisory for Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Alameda county warning strong thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds.
San Mateo County emergency officials sent out an alert on Friday  morning of the possibility of tornadoes hitting the Bay Area county. The warning expired within 10 minutes. After no tornado was sighted, forecasters warned that the rough weather would head east toward East Bay. Witnesses reported a “funnel cloud” and some say a tornado was responsible for destroying a landscaping shed in Santa Rosa. Other reported damage includes a water spout in San Francisco and rip currents at beaches for visitors.
Steve Anderson of the National Weather Service told NBC that tornado warnings were extremely rare for the Bay Area and when they are issued, people need to seek shelter and remain indoors.
The rain that is currently plaguing the Bay Area has been predicted to pick up and will continue until Tuesday with an estimated high in the mid 60s.