Monday Morning Lock Down

From approximately 7:35 to 7:39 Monday morning, Irvington High school went on lock down because of a report on an armed home invasion occurring several blocks away.

Students late to school rushed hurriedly into their classrooms, and  waited silently for the unexpected lockdown to be lifted.

Assistant principal Mrs. Palos recounts the details of the event,” There was a person who was trying to do a home invasion several blocks away and they were armed…when the person knocked on the door, the home owner was able to close the door before the person could enter the house, the person who was armed ran towards the school… it was more towards Robertson so we all just went on lockdown.

To clarify, the “requirements” for a lock down happen where there is an apparent threat to the safety of the students on campus. Potential threats to student safety include the weather related lock down which occurred several weeks ago due to reports of a tornado touching down near the area. In the case of any armed individual, reports on any armed persons approaching the campus requires a lock down.