Jared Tse (VTV editor)

Hey I am Jared Tse. I astaff13m sophomore here at IHS and this is my second year in journalism. As stated above, I am the VTV editor this year so remember to subscribe to us on YouTube. My favorite drink is milk tea. I have been to almost all the milk tea shops in Fremont like Tapioca Express, Quickly, Twinkle, Verde, Gong Cha, Tea Island, and TenRen Tea. So far my favorite place to go is Tapioca Express and Quickly. Also along with drinking milk tea, I enjoy reef keeping. I own a reef aquarium and have many fish and colorful corals. The three things I do not ever want to happen is that Tapioca runs out of pearls, that my fish suddenly die, and that your never watch anyone of our videos on YouTube. PEACE!
P.S. if you ever go to Tapioca Express please bring me back something.