Chandni Patel (Student Life Editor)

chandsMy name is [chon-duh-nee], I am a senior, and I edit the Student Life section in my free time. I have a brother, a sister that’s also on this page somewhere (Hi Khushi!) and a dog that should be on all pages everywhere because fat dogs are fun to look at. I’ve lived in Warm Springs my entire life but I’m still annoyed by the stupid train that goes by every Tuesday night and blows its horn about 23498526861 times. The fool who keeps getting in its way probably can’t even hear the horn blowing at him anymore. I’m afraid of butterflies and I don’t think sharing anymore personal information on the internet is a good idea. You already know my name, what I look like, where I live, the school I go to, my sixth period, and my greatest fear. That’s dangerous information.