Irvington Races to a Draw with Logan Swimmers

Viking’s Swimming Performs Better than Expected with Mixed Results Against the Colts

By Matthew Chan | Opinions Apprentice

Logan’s varsity boys and Irvington’s varsity girls claimed victory at the James Logan High School Pool Complex on April 11th.

This meet embodied the idea of supporting teammates as many swimmers stepped up to fill events they had not originally signed up for.  At the beginning of the meet, varsity swimmer junior Bryan Sun was not present during his varsity 200 yard medley relay event and senior Aravind Sundaresan took his spot so that the relay team would not be disqualified.  Similarly, near the end of the meet, senior Jarren Suzuki could not attend the meet; thus the varsity 400 yard freestyle relay B-team was missing one swimmer.  Junior Telvin Zhong filled in for Jarren so that they would not be disqualified either.  The willingness to support teammates boosted team morale despite Irvington’s history of losses against Logan.

“We’ve been performing better in events because we’re becoming more connected as a team,” said sophomore Michelle Brier when asked about the JV team’s performance.  “I think the team unity helped to improve our performance.”

According to Sun, the JV swim team performed exceptionally well, winning many of its events against Logan.  In a 6-lane swim event, winning an event is denoted by obtaining the most points where first place wins six points, second place four points, third place three points, and so forth until sixth place wins no points.

“I think our team has done much better than expected this meet,” said freshman Kaynen Chua.  “We performed much better as a team than I think most of our members would have thought.”  In fact, Kaynen himself performed exceptionally by beating the second place swimmer in the varsity 200 yard freestyle event by 3 seconds.

Despite having a meet marked by exceptional performance by the Vikings, the team still sustained a loss and a win against the Logan Colts.  Despite its history of loss, Vikings girls swimming prevailed and won against Logan.

swim 1
Sophomore Parsa Ganjooi dives over sophomore Michael Damaso in the 200 freestyle relay event as sophomore Josh Airth looks on
Photo: Matthew Chan


swim 2
Sophomore Josh Airth swims neck and neck with the neighboring Logan swimmer
Photo: Matthew Chan
swim 3
Sophomore Parsa Ganjooi maintains a solid lead in the 500 yard freestyle event
Photo: Matthew Chan