Popular Characters that are #Canceled.


As popular culture has redefined the threshold for what is socially, or rather politically correct, we need to acknowledge movie characters that should be absolutely canceled for their disgusting behavior in the limelight, and frankly, for simply existing. I will be dedicating the next few paragraphs to talk about the top five characters that have been canceled and explain why we should stop watching them altogether on the big screen.

First on this list is Baby Yoda, and if you don’t already know about his problematic behavior, continue reading and you’ll find out. Seen as one of the most adorable characters in cinematic history, Baby Yoda suffered an immense decline in appreciation following his act of genocide “Chapter 10: The Passenger” which is part of The Mandalorian series. In this episode, Baby Yoda was seen devouring the eggs of a woman whose species were endangered. This was beyond insensitive as he does not consider that the extinction of an entire species is going to result from his appetite and the fact that he thought that it might be humorous makes it even worse.

Next, Chen Honghui must be canceled for not coming to terms with his LGBTQ+ identity in Mulan where he pretended to be heterosexual to fit in. We see Honghui fall in love with Mulan while being unaware of the fact that she is posing as a man, but he does not act on his feelings then. Once he learns Mulan is actually a woman, he pretends to be attracted and infatuated with her even though he really only loved her when he thought she was a man. This is unacceptable as he chose to hide his gay identity from the world, and therefore is not the best role model for the LGBTQ+ people.

This next character infuriates me for so many reasons and I am sure people are not going to be happy with– Aladdin from Aladdin. Hear me out, Aladdin is an absolute piece of trash who has a large ego and an even larger male savior complex. After interacting with Jasmine once, he begins to stalk her and goes too far to make her fall in love with him because he believes she has to. Not to mention, he does not allow Jasmine to become independent and rushes to “save” her from every little threat. Aladdin is a sexist and entitled male who must be canceled for his anti-feminist nature.

Mr. Krabs from the Spongebob series should have been canceled long ago because of his mistreatment of employees, as well as his ludicrous greediness. It is never made clear what he needs so much money for despite the show airing for decades, and this selfish crab also has very little faith in his friends and family and constantly controls their lives. Mr. Krabs sends Spongebob to his daughter’s sleepover to monitor her because of his extreme need to be in control of everything. His greed is evident throughout the show such as when he has his employees sell rotting and old food because he will not waste anything that could earn him more money. He cares more about money than anyone or anything which is very problematic and he should be #canceled.

Lastly, I want to talk about a man who is loved by many Harry Potter fans but is inherently problematic for many reasons; Dumbledore. Although on the surface it seems like he has Harry’s and the wizarding world’s best interests in mind, he often only seems to care about defeating Voldemort even if it means allowing Harry to be put in harm’s way. Also, he does not control the way the teachers of his school treat their students and allow them to suffer abuse from harsh professors such as Snape. He is a self-interested man who has little interest in matters other than what he perceives as the “greater good” and this mentality often harms those around him.