Sadhurmi Manchari


A true human poses for our picture.

I was born when I was a baby at a really young age. It was really traumatic: I was covered in blood and all I remember was sweat and tears. I was forced out of a dark place…into light.

Where I’m from, every sixty seconds, a minute passes. Time is really weird in that way. It gives me time to reflect, every time something happens, I know it happened. 

We live in a society. Some people like things, some people don’t. That means some people don’t like some things about some people like me who have some of those things. And other people like some things about some people like me who have some of those things. 

Once, I had friends. Once, my friend and I were having a deep conversation because we think on a higher level than literally everyone else. She was like, “What is the meaning of life?”

I told her, “The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.” That was the coolest thing I’ve said in my entire life. But it’s chill, because I’m usually that cool. 

I feel like few people understand me because I am truly unique. A lot of people are probably shallow (I’m an empath so I can tell.) Sometimes when someone goes through something bad, like dying, I feel not happy. This is because I am so intelligent that I feel emotion on a new level which they reciprocate. And I know the people around me appreciate me for the empathic abilities that I have because they enhance other people’s lives to a new level.

One time, I had an imaginary friend named Joe. He only revealed his name to people he felt were worthy. That basically solidified how special and above it all I am. And also, one time, he was crying. And I was like, “I can tell that you’re sad.” And he was like “Thank you—you are worthy of knowing my FULL name. It is actually Joe Mama.”

Anyway, you might think I’m lying. People usually do not believe me when I confess how special I am. But really, it’s a blessing in disguise. Once you understand my insights, my knowledge, my wisdom, my prowess, my infinite superiority, my ultimate creation, you will realize I’m something greater—human.