I’m a hooman.

Hello, my fellow earthlings. I am El Zorg, a “human” who is currently 0.01232 Delphini years old. I love flying in my spaceship, conquering new lands, and exploiting resources for my personal benefit.

The capabilities of my species are unmatched by others. Not only are we the most powerful beings on our planet, but we also control other parts of the galaxy. We have our own space-related agencies,  perfectly designed to create cutting-edge space technology and powerful rockets to seize new lands. 

We live in a world where technology is a double-edged lightsaber. Technology allows us to lead seemingly comfortable lives, yet in the wrong hands, it can be extremely destructive. We used to fight merely with lightsabers and armor, but our weapons have drastically improved since those days. We now use automated laser shooters and fighter drones, which unfortunately kill thousands during wars. We are restless, constantly hungry for power, but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth living such a life when peace could bring harmony to our lands. 

On our planet, there are two rival regimes: the Yautja, a powerful group that rules through instilling fear in its citizens, and the Ulgis, known for ruling with a more liberal approach. For the past 100 Delphini years, these groups have indirectly fought, trying to outmatch the other, causing deadly wars on multiple occasions. Politics is the backbone of our society; we have noble diplomats and fearsome warriors always ready to fight for their nation. 

However, our society isn’t all about automation and warfare. We are also deeply artistic, creative beings and are known for making some of the best science fiction movies out there. We have always been interested in learning about new life forms and enjoy forming new conspiracy theories. There have been theories that another species called “aliens” exist. Even if this is true, I personally think humans would be far superior to them. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching thrilling movies on potential alien life, my personal favorite being Sun Wars. 

Being human is hard and complicated. Our acts of war and violence often rob us of our humanity and make us question our values. We have an uncontrollable desire for worldly possessions and this often pulls us down as a society. However, part of being human is making mistakes and accepting ourselves for who we are. I know, we’re “out of this world!”