The Sizzling New Update We ALL Needed


Pink Salt Lollipop

Most normal Hot Sweet summoning

On Fraturday, April 0.5, Ice SpiceTM released the latest version of the illustrious IceSpice collection, dubbed Hot Sweet. This updated version of the rapper icon features pink, spiked hair (rather than the red curls native to Ice Spice 1) that resembles melting cotton candy. Fans across the world are raving about this new model, with its diverse range of musical genres (including country!), exclusive baddie energy (Sweet is known statistically to be more than a ten), and distinct, formal style of rapping.

Hot Sweet began as an underground idea, blowing up when endorsed by famous cesspools on the internet, including the subreddit r/a2c, r/teenagers, and those places where you can make really bad edits of absolutely anything. Somehow, combining these cesspools actually worked to create a masterpiece. 

“Listening to Hot Sweet was totally an accident for me,” stated acclaimed musical critic Mushy Ick. “I was eating this caramel and it almost burnt my tongue, and in the background, I slowly heard it: a voice going ‘I CAN, in fact, eat enough without you, kind sir.’” Ick rated this latest version a ‘microwaved for 30 seconds’ out of three ice cubes. 

As a reputable musician myself, I was given exclusive access to the model without burning my tongue. In testing out its several customizable features, it was clear that Hot Sweet was not like the past Ice Spice model at all, with customizable features depending on ha mood. These include a noise-canceling feature that says “grrah” every two seconds, therefore canceling all outside noise. I found this utility especially helpful as I was completing my homework, because it helped tune out those ten social-media-made-them popular songs always on the radio. With these latest, very useful additions, Hot Sweet is set to become a household name. 

Sweet’s latest released album, called Dislike, further differentiates her from the first IceSpice in a masterpiece filled with certified bangers. The album opened with Sweet’s hit single “200 degrees.” Through the 30-second song, Sweet showcased her musicality, with a classic, sizzling beat that surpassed water’s boiling point. The song was followed by a more unique hit right after, called “199.5 degrees.” Despite the notch down, its upbeat lyricism (utilizing repetition by copying pretty much the first song) proved extraordinary, with its upbeat tempo and impeccable vibes. Other songs to look out for in Hot Sweet’s album include “Water u Doing,” “Boy’s on Fire,” and “Crunch (sweet).”

A step up from the initial Ice Spice, Hot Sweet has begun creating an unshakable reputation, endorsed by That Guy Across the Street, That One Woman Who Buys Ten Toothbrushes At a Time, and many more. Latest Hot Sweets can be bought by giving into the candy monopoly and burning-your-mouth industries. Happy listening!