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Sumukh Murthy, Web Editor

Sumukh Murthy (12) is currently the Web editor for the Irvington Voice. You will often find him reading, coding, biking, and playing video games, and occasionally remembering to do his work in between. He is committed to providing news stories with minimal bias, like his role models at CNN and Fox News. This is his first and last year at the Voice.

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Artists rendering of the three Catholic Lords Regent being tossed out of the third story window of the Bohemian Chancellery.

Out and Down

Sumukh Murthy, Web Editor
February 26, 2022
Joshua Nortons spirit lingers by the Bay Bridge.

All Hail the Emperor!

Sumukh Murthy, Web Editor
January 8, 2022
Several clubs at Irvington serve extremely similar purposes, to the point where members and resources are spread far thinner than they need to be. Credit to Jay Phatak for the sun idea.

Clean Out Conflicting Clubs

Sumukh Murthy, Web Lord
September 17, 2021
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Sumukh Murthy