Students Upset over Loss of Mural

Dance Mural Painted Over without Club Consent

By Melanie Doherty

The new Dance mural sponsored by the Hip-Hop club was covered over, recently, sparking student angst and protest.

The current administration wasn’t informed that the mural was approved last year, until this past summer. The administration thought the mural represented only “hip hop” culture and was too big thus not giving enough room for other dance styles. Because of this, they put in a work order and got the mural painted over without letting senior Way Chen know beforehand.

After Way was able to talk everything out with the administration, they said they were sorry and are going to pay $200 for a new mural. The new dance studio mural will feature all components of dance. However, IHS Creator’s-University (previous Hip Hop Club) is going to paint a new mural outside the dance studio in the courtyard featuring all five elements of hip hop. Determined, Way wants to teach students that the fifth element of hip hop is knowledge. It’s a way to express yourself through music, dance, art and poetry.

Last year, the club comisssioned Aaron Loverro to paint the mural.  There is no known confirmation about who will be painting the new mural paid for by the administration.