The Lowdown on Grad Night

Grad Night is still 8 months away, but the planning committee already has it all figured out.

With the superb planning and effort being put into planning, the graduating class of 2012 will surely have a blast on the night of their graduation.

Mrs. Suzuki, who is in charge of the planning for Grad Night, comments, “We want Grad Night about letting everyone get together for one last time. Our goal this year is to get every senior to go.”

That’s why the school has devised a payment plan for financially challenged students who might otherwise be unable to afford to go to Grad Night. Students can now first deposit a $50 advance and pay the rest of the price over time. This makes the event more accessible to all seniors. Anyone planning to take advantage of this payment plan should contact Kathy Lovejoy at for more information.

This year’s Grad Night will be from 10 pm to 4 am on Jun. 15, the same day as Graduation, which will take place at 10 am in the morning. Grad Night will be held at City Beach, where seniors will be able to enjoy different activities such as dancing, rock-climbing, and games. Tickets will be priced at $125.

Update: While $125 may seem like a hefty amount for Grad Night, other schools, such as Mission San Jose, have their tickets priced at $175 or higher! Grad Night will NOT be a waste of your money, that’s for sure.