Irvington High School Chess Team Checkmates the Competition

Irvington crowned the new 9th grade state champion and third place high school in the state

On December 3rd-5th, more than 400 chess scholastic players gathered for the annual California K-12 chess class championships. Among the talent youth playing were our very own freshman Telvin Zhong, Michael Lu, and chess club vice president Kevin Hui. Telvin and Michael dominated the freshmen n the competition, beating out the rest to win the first place trophy for Irvington. Individually, Kevin Hui won 2nd place for grade 11, and Michael and Telvin won 2nd and 4th place for freshmen, respectively.

Our school team has officially been the top ranked chess club in all of northern California, after winning the NorCal division online chess league tournament last school year. The club will also meet this year to play in the league and hopefully reclaim the title for the second year in a row. Regardless of how the team does this year, it is safe to say that the players are simply kings and queens of the 64 squares.