Winter Assembly Brings the Holiday Spirit to Irvington

The Annual Performing Arts show showcases a wide variety of talent

By Aaron Whitaker

On Tuesday, December 18th, Irvington’s Performing Arts hosted its annual winter assembly.   At 8:00am, students filed into Valhalla theater in anticipation of the opening show’s start.  The MC’s, seniors Patrick Praxel and Kaeo Tiwanak-Finkes, took to the stage and introduced the Viking Men’s Choir. Cheers erupted as the men filed out and sang a piece entitled A-Rovin.  Kaeo Tiwanak-Finkes spoke an intriguing and mysterious monologue before introducing the first of three dance groups.  The first group consisted of guys and girls wearing white t-shirts with red stripes, dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Little Drummer Boy.”

Next up was a more graceful dance group whose choreography previously won Irvington $1000.

“My favorite group that performed in the assembly was definitely the graceful dance group.  I loved the white outfits and the choreography was amazing,” states freshman Rachel Faas.  Proceeding them came an Indian dance featuring Surina Gulati as the lead dancer.

Thao Le then moved the crowd with her powerful monologue speaking on terms of unrequited love, before a quartet of female dancers donning Santa dresses showed their sassy sides and performed a comedic dance piece of Jingle Bell Rock, which was taken from the movie “Mean Girls.”

The assembly ended on a high note as the Irvington Orchestra performed a medley of Christmas songs followed by a medley of songs from “The Nutcracker.”  The combination of the singing, dancing, orchestra music, and the lively MC’s made this show an outstanding one.

Winter Assembly photos can be seen here.