Class of 2016 Fundraiser Success Reaches Milestone

Extra credit from teachers motivated students to attend

By Kanika Priyadarshi

The Class of 2016 Sweet Tomatoes fundraiser on October 22 attracted many students to attend.  Teachers such as Ms. Chung, Mr. Ballado, Mr. Gomez, and Ms. Tai promised to give extra credit to students who went to the fundraiser and for those who could not make it were offered an alternative extra credit assignment.

“There were a lot of people who showed up, including sophomores, juniors, and seniors probably due to the offered extra credit.” said sophomore Nikesh Patel. “There were so many people at Sweet Tomatoes that they were running out of food to serve to the customers.”

When asked about the money made from the fundraiser, Patel answered that the exact number was not given, but the Sophomore Class Council was told that they made $600 to $1000.  “The fundraiser was our most successful one to date.,” said Patel. “The Sweet Tomatoes employees even said that they have never seen these many people to any fundraiser here.”

“We advertised a lot for sure,” explained sophomore Hannah Ngyuen. “But I think the biggest motivator was the extra credit for the students.”

Patel justifies that offering extra credit for fundraisers is beneficial. “I think that [extra credit] is a good way to get your grade up in classes while supporting school,” explained Patel. “However, there should be some kind of activity for people that can’t go to the events and receive the same amount of extra credit.”

Ms. Chung agrees that offering extra credit raises awareness for the fundraiser and accounts for the students who cannot attend. “For students who cannot attend, I offer an alternative where they have to solve a math problem and email me the solution the night of the fundraiser or event,” explained Ms. Chung. “They show me the work for the solution the next school day.”

Sophomore class council is looking forward for more successful fundraisers.