Irvington Ice Hockey Slides into a Successful Season


Pink Salt Lollipop

Vikings massively defeat Mission San Jose in high-stakes Mission Peak tournament.

Irvington’s premiere Ice Hockey team concluded its first, and most successful season yet on Friday, March 39th. The season, beginning on Monday, December 31.5th, ran for three busy months, packed with high-stakes tournaments every week and intense, daily practices during passing periods. As such, they have been rightfully named ‘Most Hockey-Like Hockey Team of the Year,’ and are on their way to becoming a nationally recognized team.

Over the past season, Irvington Ice Hockey has been holding several free scrimmage tournaments for local schools in Irvington’s hallways. The hallways, which have been filled with enough leaky water to simulate perfect hockey conditions, became ideal conditions for such matches. Because of Irvington’s severe lack of funds, the school managed to create the perfect environment for learning and growth. Each player was further given their own custom Viking mascot suit to act as their uniform, the decrepit Viking head acting as a helmet for players to ensure everyone’s safety. 

“Setting up the team initially was really hard due to trivial logistics like funding, access to equipment, and other random stuff,” stated Coach Re Alguy. “However, it was not hard to get students interested because every student knew it would be a perfect addition to their college resume.”

The defining match of the season was held on Mission Peak on a frigid Monday in February, with perfectly slippery slopes, biting, irritating wind, and just enough snow to make a singular snowman. Playing against Mission San Jose, which doesn’t have a team of its own, Irvington performed well in the nail-biting match, leading to a sweeping victory. 

“The Mission match was really crazy. At first, we thought we might lose,” described MVP So Relos’er. “But then they didn’t show up. So we pretty much defeated them.”

Over the past few matches, Irvington’s Ice Hockey team was also able to compete against several schools aside from local Fremont High Schools, including Hoa Xed High School and Wute ver High School, containing two of several elite teams in the Bay Area. Irvington beat both schools by 5-1 and 0.5-0 respectively, gaining 0.5 points in the second match after a player described the highs and lows of hockey to a referee.

“Playing with these teams was an immense learning opportunity for all of us,” said captain Athel Etherton (12). “We learned to use trash cans as goals, like other schools do, and that dedication and the power of friendship could make our team go a long way.” Irvington’s team also won a random trophy, which they then used as their practice puck midway through the season. 

Given success of the team so far, Irvington High School administrators are eager to open a Fire Hockey team in the next season. They hope that climate change will be on their side enough to see the local hills turn yellow and barren again, emulating the heat needed to push teams to victory. Until then, with water leaking from every crevice at Irvington, students are excited for future ice hockey seasons, eager to showcase their full potential.