Lea Adamovic – Dancer

Dancing queen

For  sophomore Lea Adamovic, dancing isn’t a past time or an activity, it’s an every day routine. Dancing is constantly on her mind. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, her feet are always tapping to the beat of the music playing in her head.
After attending her cousin’s dance recital and being awed by the colorful costumes and the gracefulness of the dancers, Lea decided she wanted to dance. Even now, seven years later, Lea is still headstrong about dance and spends fifteen hours a week dancing in her studio at Yoko‘s Dance Studio.
“I never get tired of dancing,“ said Lea. “but of course my muscles ache after long practices.” Having older girls to look up to, Lea pushes herself to be like them. She is also thankful for her miraculous teachers, who spent their time and were committed in teaching her.
Lea performs many styles of dance including blues, jazz, and metal, but her favorite type is lyrical dance. Katelynn Edgar has always been Le’;s idol because of her graceful movement and emotion . “When I step into my studio,” said Lea “I just leave all my problems outside. I get lost in the music and that helps me forget about personal issues.”
Lea has accomplished many things in her dancing career. A couple her solo achievements include placing first in Junior National Championships in 2005 and placing first at State regionals. Additionally, with her Yoko’s team, she came first overall for small and large groups, and won  the title, Teen and Senior Large Group National Champions.
As for long term goals, Lea dreams of either being a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance?” or majoring in dance in college. Don’t be surprised if in a couple of years you see Lea Adamovic on channel 2.