Irvington We the People Team is Regional Champ

The Irvington We the People team’s 24 seniors competed at Techmart in Santa Clara on Tuesday, December 2. By the end of the day, We the People claimed first over the teams of Washington High School, Yerba Buena High School, and Monta Vista High School.

Immediately following the competition, the entire team met at Fremont’s Sweet Tomatoes restaurant to celebrate their hard work, though no one knew of the results yet. When coach Mrs. Cook-Kallio received a phone call during the meal, everyone realized that news had arrived. Team members got up from their chairs, and gathered around the table where Mrs. Cook-Kallio sat. After speaking quietly and consciously repressing emotion, she finally looked up and said, “Now, before you guys start crying, I want to remind you guys that we’re at a public place, and people are trying to eat their lunch.” Complete silence, and then she said. “You guys will have to start writing essays again.”

Everyone knew what that meant. Team members jumped up, hugging each other and making a scene in the middle of Sweet Tomatoes despite the playful warning. The Irvington We the People team is going to state. This means two more months of preparation before the big event in early February.

Team members have expressed their excitement and motivation to work as hard as they can, in order to be the best they can be when they travel to Sacramento to face off with their rivals, the Amador Valley High School team and other region winners that will be vying for the honor of representing California at the national competition.

Principal Mr. Murchison wished the students luck on Tuesday afternoon, and announced the good news over the PA.