A Manly [March] Experience

The experience of Manly March was indeed a unique one.

The whole not shaving for an entire month was trying. Luckily, I survived and lived to tell the tale. Definitely the most difficult part of Manly March was not being able to shave the neck hair. When the weather would turn warm, my neck would itch and sweat constantly. It was a huge relief when I could finally say good bye to the neck hairs which caused me so much discomfort. Another intriguing part about manly march was not the end result, but what I had to do the day before March. That consisted of shaving off my entire beard before the month started. I hadn’t been clean shaven for over one year, and in doing so I felt like a naked molerat. Or to be more precise, an egg. The taunting I received due to how I looked cleanshaven was bearable; however, after that experience, I would probably go the rest of my life not shaving at all rather than be cleanshaven forever. Next year, I plan to start out with a beard already so that the end result will be substantially more intense than the end result of this year’s March.