Oh Bummer…it’s the Buum

Complaining about the Buum has got to stop

               If you have attended Irvington as a freshman or sophomore, you probably either liked the buum, or despised it with a passion; and according to the groaning and complaining that I’ve heard recently, I would assume the latter. People need to stop complaining because; first of all, the times are fairly lenient, second of all, running makes people lose fat, and most importantly, complaining doesn’t help solve anything.

                It’s really unnecessary to incessantly complaing and rant about the buum. The passing time is a fair run; just enough to increase heart rate and even burn some carbs. In fact, I would definitely recommend people to exercise even more if those said individuals are complaining and lagging some five minutes behind the clock.

                The buum takes up maybe fifteen or so minutes, yet the complaining lasts some twenty minutes before and after hand.  If you don’t like running, fine, just don’t complain about it.