Earthquake in Turkey

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey Recently

On October 23, 2011, a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the country of Turkey in Eastern Europe. The epicenter of the earthquake was at the city of Ercis, the capitol of Turkey.

Rescue workers from Turkey and many other countries rushes to help in evacuation of the country. As of now, death toll has increased to almost 600 people. Rescue workers are still digging through debris to help find survivors buried at the bottom.

Many more people were injured, probably around 2,500. Aid workers are trying their best to help these people. Thousands of other people are left homeless as hundreds or buildings have been destroyed. Tents and other necessities have been handed out to many families, even though some people have said there was a shortage of tents at one point.

The government has said that about 190 people had been rescued from the rubble, partly using the help of rescue dogs. More people are continually being saved from the mess. Numbers of survivors and injured are still not final as the rescue continues.

This earthquake was the first major earthquake in Turkey after 1999. That earthquake was a 7.6 magnitude and ended up killing almost 17,000 people, reported other sources.

In other news, scientists have reported that a possible earthquake may hit California in the next few years. There is no confirmed evidence of this topic as of now but a slight possibility is there.