VAC Sketch Jam

Visual Arts Club holds Irvington’s first Sketch Jam
During the afternoon of Friday, November 18, while some students flocked home to start the Thanksgiving break, others stayed back in the library to participate in Visual Arts Club’s (VAC)  first Sketch Jam.The Sketch Jam consisted of multiple artistic exercises including one, two, five, and ten minute sketches of live models, sketching each others’ faces aging 40 years into the future, and a design game where one person gives a topic for everyone else to give his or her own interpretation. An array of tasty free food was available for participants to indulge in.When asked where the inspiration for a Sketch Jam came from, VAC vice president William Cheng said, “Artists have get-togethers called Sketch Jams, so we based it off of this.”Before the Sketch Jam, Visual Arts Club sold Vietnamese Sandwiches and Pearl Milk Tea, totalling a profit of 60 dollars. Proceeds will be used to buy art supplies for the club, according to Kelly Kong, VAC president.

“Although we were a little unorganized in the beginning, it was successful and everyone had a wonderful time,” said VAC publicity head Angela Chen. She added on jokingly, “To attract people, we’re considering swimsuit models next time.”

Visual Arts Club plans to have another Sketch Jam in the near future.