The Final Set

Amy Laus reflects on her time at Irvington as a volleyball player

By Aaron Whitaker

Whether it is inside jokes between teammates, or the final handshake of their last match, Senior volleyball player Amy Laus has attained a plethora of memories from her past four years playing for Irvington. As a Defensive Libero, Laus donned the number 10 jersey, playing JV for 2 years before joining Varsity for her Junior and Senior year. Laus’s best accomplishment was gaining a deeper knowledge of the sport and the ability to read the opposing hitters. Laus plans to continue to play indoor volleyball for recreation and compete in beach volleyball. “I’d like to make a shout out to everyone I have ever played with,” states Laus. Laus agrees that playing volleyball with other girls from Irvington has created a close-knit family among the team. We wish you the best of luck with your volleyball endeavors!

Amy Laus volleyball