Homecoming Court 2013: Kristian Lacson

Homecoming Court 2013: Kristian Lacson 

Interview by Brandon McAlister  klacsonedit

Q: How do you feel being nominated for Homecoming Queen? 

A: “I feel very proud and happy to be on court because there was such a big list of girls on the ballot, I feel very honored to be in the top five.”

Q: What is your definition of Homecoming Queen?

A: “Homecoming Queen to me is someone in the school who is a leader, not only to the other students, but to everyone on campus. She puts herself out there to help teachers, students and acts a role model to make a difference in the school.”

Q: Why did you apply?

A: “I applied for Homecoming Queen because it’s something that has inspired me since freshman year, and seeing my older sister on court really motivated me to apply and become more of a role model and leader to the school.”

Q: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.

A: I’ve had my license for a year, but I’m still scared to drive on the freeway.”

Q: Anything else you want to say?

A: “I’m very happy to be apart of the Homecoming court this year, and thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me. Shoutout to B-Mac.”