Homecoming Court 2013: Lauren Cooper

Homecoming Court 2013: Lauren Cooper

Interview by Kelsey Wong


Q: How do you feel about being part of Homecoming Court?

A: Oh, gosh. How do I feel? It’s exciting. It’s an honor that my peers decided I’m “worthy” to be on court.

Q: What is your definition of a Homecoming Queen?

A: A homecoming queen should be hardworking, kind and involved. She should be a true Viking and represent everything Irvington stands for.

Q: Why did you apply for Homecoming Court?

A: To be completely and totally honest, I wasn’t plan on applying because I’ve been in positions of “power” and already had the chance to be in the spotlight. But my peers told me to apply, so I said “Heck, it’s senior year, let’s do it.”

Q: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.

In seventh grade, I peed in my pants while waiting for someone to open the door to my house…that was the last time I peed in my pants.

A: Anything else you would like to say?

No matter who wins, I think everyone on court is a queen.