Freshmen Rock the Sea

Freshmen take the courtyard under the sea

On Wednesday, the freshmen brought a fresh new addition to this year’s spirit week line-up. They stunned the upperclassmen with their Irvington rendition of The Little Mermaid.

Their nautically inspired courtyard design featured a life size Ariel from The Little Mermaid, a collection of Irvington style surfboards, and a colorful array of sea-life scattered around the courtyard. What especially stood out amidst all this, were the enormous block letters that spelled out “freshmen” and spanned the side of one of the courtyard benches.

During lunch the class of ’13 showed off their freshmen power with their undersea skit and dance. The skit featured a surprisingly masculine Ariel and Mrs. Stewart as Ursula, the sea witch. The skit’s main plot was centered around Ariel, who was faced with a decision of whether or not to exchange her voice and therefore fail change project in order to gain the handsome prince’s attention. In the end, Ariel ended up with the best of both sides with some help from Irvington. Together they managed to crush Mission along with Ursula. The freshmen topped off their act with an upbeat dance mix that had the entire gym on their feet. The whole show was completed with a massive class huddle in the center of the gym to show off freshmen spirit.