Homiesexuals? Pickle and Potato



The infamous Martha Stewart meme that caused Pickle and Potato an immense amount of confusion.

Two popular streamers have once again expressed concern and confusion over misrepresentative fanart, in which they are depicted as almost strictly straight, despite being a gay couple. 

Pickle and Potato began doing cooking streams on Twitch, and as of 2021 they have over 800 million followers and around 100 subscribers. In addition to doing cooking tutorials, they also do cooking competitions between the two of them, including their most recent upload, “Husband vs Husband cooking competition yes we are homosexuals”. Despite the premise being the two cooking for one another, fans during the livestream insisted that they were making food for their (nonexistent) wives, with comments such as “wifey reveal at 200 subs?” and “they’re cooking for Heather”. 

“I think it’s pretty clear that Pickle and I are in a relationship,” says Potato. “I don’t think our fans are actively homophobic, I just think they’re physically unable to interpret things at face value. We try and stray away from PDA on-camera, but I’m not sure if even that will help them understand.”

After the stream, the two began to see fanarts appear on Twitter, and were perplexed that fans have once again misinterpreted their relationship. The most popular artwork was a poorly photoshopped meme of a Bachelorette-esque parody, in which Pickle and Potato were competing for Martha Stewart and her blueberry muffins.

“I think the fans just want to have more influence on us, and they’re trying to construct this narrative that fits with their personal wants and needs,” reflects Pickle. “I really am grateful for them and their creativity but it should be clear that you shouldn’t let others choose for you. I’m just glad that Potato and I have a strong relationship and can joke about the fans, and even pander sometimes.”

Given that the over-eager fans have a tendency to misinterpret things, Pickle and Potato have attempted to subvert their constructed narrative. After weeks of subtly mentioning girlfriends and their definite attraction to the opposite sex, the two have begun to see a surge in new fanart that more closely resembles their real-life personas. 

“I’m glad that we were able to outsmart the fans, and I like the fanarts even more now,” says Potato. “While I do want to give our fans the benefit of the doubt, I don’t see the problem in giving them some direction, because misinterpretations can be problematic. Otherwise, we’d be in a pickle.”