Netflix Renews Fan Least Favorite Show

Recently, Netflix released a TV-show starring breakout actors with genuine talent. It won 5 EMMY awards, along with a handful of nominations, and brought back many wins at other award shows. The show garnered praise for the dedicated acting performances, and the show’s bringing of awareness to multiple social issue topics. In fact, many of the show’s characters belonged to marginalized groups, were POC, or were in the LGBTQ+ community. Many minorities felt finally seen by the show. Therefore, Netflix has definitively canceled its Season 2, following a cliffhanger from the last episode of Season 1.

Instead of renewing the show, Netflix has brought back (what many thought already repeated its plot 18 times) Kisses in the Booth for a 19th movie! The House That Has Hype show has also been renewed for its 13th season, in which famed talented individuals like Brice Hall and Charles Damaleo will bring emotional performances to the screen. 

I, personally, although I do speak for everyone, think Kisses in the Booth is the best movie, for this year, and that will ever be created, ever. Nate Jacobs is the boyfriend everyone wants, he set the super high bar for men where they simply do not harass and degrade their partner! I think that’s what I love about the movie, they hold the men to very high standards, and girls who watch the movie know that they should only settle for someone just like Nate. 

Also, although I do not speak for everyone, I think everyone would agree with me and find the plot to be beautifully complex, nuanced, and euphoric. There’s nothing more emotionally heart-wrenching than not being able to kiss your best friend’s older brother. I think its storytelling is only on par with the super underground novel, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. Nay, it is better. Like Shakespeare would’ve described Kisses in the Booth if he was here to see it (he’s dead at the moment), “thou has my heart”. 

Another absolute personal fave, although literally, everyone else likes it too, is definitely the Before series, a sequel to the After series. Some people don’t think it’s high quality because it was based on fanfiction, but I think the clear plot holes and underdeveloped characters really bring something new to the media table. Harden Styles, the main character, reminds me of the classic bad boy who’s super edgy because he has to face basic human obstacles, like having to do work. This bad boy character is something new and has never been done before. Also, I love it because it’s one of many Netflix shows that is set in an academic setting despite the characters having never picked up a book. If you can’t understand the show and how complex it is, that’s your fault.