Holiday-Less March

It’s just not fair!

Have you ever thought about it? March has no holidays. Going a full month without any extra breaks-its torture. And it shouldn’t be done. Especially not at school, where we have so much to worry about as it is: homework, tests and quizzes, relationships and all the other fun stuff that come with being a teenager. Someone needs to take a stand.

March should not be holiday-less. No one and no month should ever feel like they don’t belong. All the other months have holidays! It’s not fair and I will not stand for it. March is always working-she doesn’t get any breaks. When will she get the rights she deserves and be considered equal to, say, October?

We have fought together for Women’s Rights, gay and lesbian rights, African American rights, and the right of freedom of speech, press, religion and petition that has given me the chance to say this: it is time we take a stand for the months! Let us Occupy the Calendar! Every day should be marked in red to symbolize that we do not agree with the unfair treatment of our months. Equality for all!