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Who should you vote for? An Apolitical Analyzation

A screenshot of a debate that I watched three times to try and understand either of the candidates’ policies. I think this is what finally pushed me over the edge.
Geetika Mahajan, Humor Editor November 5, 2020

A lot of people believe that the fate of the world hinges on the upcoming presidential election; from the wildfires that plagued the west coast earlier this year to the actual plague that has wreaked...

IHS’s Love Vikings spirit week continues, despite COVID restrictions

The IHS Love Vikings rally was held on Youtube, rather than in person, similar to the rally during welcome week.
Geetika Mahajan, Humor Editor October 30, 2020

While the ongoing pandemic has resulted in significant changes being made to every facet of Irvington, one tradition remains untouched. The Irvington “Love Vikings” spirit week, occurred in the week...

Cheer Team Updates

Geetika Mahajan, Humor Editor October 8, 2020

From the lack of in-person instruction to the impossibility of having actual competitions, it may seem that high school sports are now close to obsolete; however, coaches and athletes at IHS are persevering...

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